Over the last few years, my work developed around issues of public space, the relation between reality and fiction and the politics of participation, through a performative and collective practice. In my work, space becomes text by finding common places present in language, gestures, routines and protocols that define a social choreography and activate mechanisms of recognition and self awareness when exposed. And text becomes space by developing platforms that invite the audience for engaging on a common process of learning/sharing, or in other words, choreographing/performing the social. In this process of scripting and scoring, I propose the position of the amateur as a privileged one, driven by an openness for experiencing unfamiliar circumstances and/or developing unmastered skills. Assuming the idea that performing can be applied to everything we basically do, my performances play with the notions of fakery/realism, social/participation and amateurism/learning processes.

My methodology of work borrows knowledge from different areas in a non-hierarchical way. I build platforms for for specific target groups, treating the public sphere as a common laboratory and a place for participation and reciprocity to happen negotiating the necessary balance between keeping and sharing. 

The last years I initiated and have been involved in concept development and production of (interdisciplinary) artistic and educational programs. In 2013 I initiated Oblique International together with Patricia Pinheiro de Sousa, a Rotterdam based platform operating within the public sphere. Since 2013 I run my own multidisciplinary studio where I collaborate with other art initiatives as an artistic director, producer and advisor. I am also a board member at m/other voices Foundation. 

S. Pedrosa


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