Kiosk All u Niek

KIOSK all u niek is a pop-up store. It is open for just 12 unique days. We have products for every- one. You can buy, share and exchange products, ideas and services. Make your choice from a daily changing selection like ‘stupid ideas not to follow’, flags to mark own territory on the ground or just buy a complex postcard. Join the talent show and bring, sing and share your own ideas, talents, suggestions and services like the recipe of your favourite meal or sing a song from your childhood etc. Enjoy a chat, a cup of tea or coffee for free, join one of our happy hours. Feel free and come in!

KIOSK all u niek is a project devised by Julie Müller, Bérénice Staiger and Susana Pedrosa and was part of the program of Charlois Speciaal 2016.

More editions coming soon!



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